Click or Tap on a photograph to go to that Image page with InformationBartyIan Bartholomew  (1995)
Seperation (1974) -Jerry Uelsmann a Homage

Arabella Spencer-Churchill  (1976)Arabella Spencer-Churchill  (1976 Colourised 2022)PHIL DANIELS.tifPhil Daniels – Quadraphenia  (1979)John Etheridge musician (1995)Paul Dufour drummer percussionist (November 1997)Paul Dufour (2010)
Nick Griffiths (Another brick in the wall) 1988The Hooks (2002) Laura Garcia Lorca SmilingLaura Garcia-Lorca  (1975)Jude Alderson   Sadista Sisters  (1976) Bernard Benoliel 1972Miki Slingsby 1977 Miki & Lydia Experimental Rough (1977) Noys Band webJan Dukes de Grey. Strange Terrain (1980) LIFE BEFORE DEATH.tif R D Laing ‘Life Before Death’  (1978)RD LAING.tifR D Laing  (1978)R D Laing (contact prints)R D Laing (contact prints)R D Laing (6 working prints) Bob Mason web copyBob Mason  (1976) UNTITLED-05.tifA Head  (1988)Combination Print Surreal photographyThe Lyons Family (1977)UNTITLED-04.tifDot  (1993)Peter Lemer-Son of local colour (digital 2019)Wes McGhee WebWes McGhee (1999)Nick Griffiths (Another brick in the wall) 1988 THE ARROGANT CLOWN.tifThe Arrogant Clown  (1989)UNTITLED-16.tif Business Man  (1989) Ian BartholomewMADONNA AND CHILD.tifMadonna  (1990)

Fighting Spirit (1990)58-47 Power Struggle Crop BordersPower Struggle  (1990)MARK EZRA.tifMark Ezra  (1975) UNTITLED-17.tifSelf Portrait  (1981)Self Portrait  (1976)

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Combination print created by Hag by Combination printing.  Surreal photography.


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