Rock & Roll

(7 negatives selenium toned & hand tinted)
for Athena International

The idea for this image came from a surrealist sketch containing a swiss roll in a field. Its a joke.

The crowd in the field were waiting for Genesis at Knebworth 1978,
Hag was photographing the band called ‘Brand X’ that originally had Phil Collins as their drummer.

Strong Selenium Toned  (red tint in shadows)
and subtle hand tinted

1989  (Digitally Coloured)
(7 negatives)
Coloured by Hag using a Sci Tex, then called a ‘High End Digital Image Manipulation System’ at Studio 10 London for the exhibition ‘Machine Dreams’. The Sci Text computer and associated hardware (scanners, tape readers/recorders, digital plotters onto  large format transparency film) cost around £1 million but pales to insignificance compered with what we all use now.

Hag digitally coloured four of his pictures for this first digital imaging exhibition at ‘The Photographers Gallery’ London UK in 1989.

These photographs are not found Hags book ‘How Things Are’

Combination print created by Hag by Combination printing.  Surreal photography.

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