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Digital Photographic Silver Based Prints with optional dedication of your choice (at no extra cost), titled and auto signed by Hag.

Please add the title of the image you require to your PayPal order or request this in a email

Below is an example of a dedicated print. (The grey edges indicate the paper size) Tree text eg

Please specify your dedication in your order

You will receive by email a small version of the image of your choice, similar to the above example, and of your dedication before it is printed for your agreement 

The digital files are made from high resolution drum scans of the Original Prints.  These are then printed using a ZBE Chromira  Laser Printer onto photographic ‘C Type Silver Halide’  Kodak Profesional Ultra Endura Premier Paper, Lustre,  giving a semi mat finish. This is a chemically  based silver photographic process in the traditional sense.  They are almost indistinguishable from the Original Prints in quality and tones and are Archival up to 100 years in normal room lighting and 200 years stored in the dark according to Kodak 

PLEASE NOTE these are not ink jet ‘Art  Prints’ which are often now sold in the UK as Giclée prints. (Giclée is French for squirt which is how an inkjet print is made by squirting ink onto the paper)

Print Sizes
We offer three sizes……
12x16ins(305x406mm)£39.99 plus shipping
16x20ins (406x508mm) £59.99 plus shipping
20x24ins (508x610mm) £79.99 plus shipping
Larger sizes and other printing processes  such as Digital Ink Jet ( including Art Prints, Giclee on any type of paper, board or metal) or transparencies in Light boxes will be advised on application

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(These are the paper sizes. The images are not cropped and are printed to fit within these proportions leaving a small border either side of the longest length and a slightly smaller border at the top than the bottom. Specific sizes may  be requested if required) 


REST OF WORLDplease use USA/Canada rates and we will advise if required

Please add the name of the photograph or photographs at the PayPal Check Out at the bottom of the form under the title ‘
This will be confirmed by email including a thumbnail to ensure we are supplying the photographs you require

These prints are Auto signed; Hag
They are modestly priced as they are an open edition, as opposed to Original Prints. Hag comments……
‘In this digital age photography is now perfectly infinitely reproducible much more easily than with silver based processes.
I find it an anachronism that expensive limited editions are offered from digital prints. I prefer people to be able to enjoy my work at reasonable prices’

To buy original prints or any other type of print please email

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