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Photograph of Hag by Josh Meyland 2009 composite by Hag

‘Hag is concerned with the faculty of consciousness as a fundamental quality of nature and the illusions of reality’

Hag FHEA, born 1949 in Leeds, Yorkshire, UK.  Completing his photographic studies in 1971 at the Polytechnic of Central London, now Westminster University, he worked as an assistant to John S Clarke a leading advertising photographer. Hag then followed his own creative path building his first dark room in 1973. 
His photographs are all produced in the dark room juxtaposing and combining elements from original negatives without the use of digital manipulation. This process was then commonly called Multiple Printing in the UK. It is now known as Combination Printing dating back to the 18th century. 
Hags work has been exhibited, published widely and collected by private individuals as well as institutions ranging from the National Portrait Gallery to the Texaco Collection. He has given lectures on his work throughout the UK and taught photography at Anglia Ruskin University’s Cambridge School of Art  from 1996 to 2012. He became a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA) in 2010.
His commissioned work has featured individual portraits, book illustrations, magazines such as Vogue and the Sunday Times, record and CD covers plus a mural for the Pink Floyd. He has produced series of prints, posters, cards and postcards for a number of publishing companies notably Athena International. His work includes a number of instantly recognisable images that continue to resonate with the public consciousness.1977 Crete,  Self Portrait

 The name ‘Hag’ is a nickname derived via ‘Hagis’ from ‘Hargreaves’  his surname in a Leeds school playground when he was aged seven.


1967 Allerton Grange School, Leeds UK

1970 Royal Photographic Society. First student exhibition.

1971 Royal photographic society

1978 Everyman Theatre, Liverpool

1979 Photographers Gallery, London

1980 Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool

1980 Jordan Gallery, London

1980 “Young British Photographers “, Australian touring exhibition

1981 John Shelley Library

1982 Contrasts Gallery, London

1983 Photographers Gallery, London

1984 Cambridge Darkroom, “Self Portraits”

1985 Benson and Hedges touring exhibition

1987 Black and Whites Gallery, London

1988 Keith Johnson’s Photographic

1989 Portfolio Gallery, “Aspects of Architecture.” London

1989 Photographers Gallery, “Machine Dreams” (Digital Imaging)

1990 Portfolio Gallery, Christmas show. London

1991 Portfolio Gallery, “Contemporary Male Nudes”

1992 Texaco Collection

1992 National Portrait Gallery, New Acquisitions

1996 Heffers Gallery Cambridge

1999 Eaton Gallery Brighton.

2002 C.R.C. Cambridge

2005 Special Photographers Gallery London

2006 Atelier East, Angles Theatre, Wisbech, Camb

2009 Padova Italy

2010 ‘Gone Tomorrow’ Gallery, Hastings

2010 Museum Alinari. Florence Italy

2010 National Portrait Gallery, New Acquisitions

2017 Gabbice Mare Italy

2023 Wisbech Gallery

2023 Babylon Gallery Ely 


1971 British Journal of Photography

1978 British Journal of Photography

1980 You and your Camera

1980 Open Eye magazine

1981 Camera magazine

1981 The Darkroom Handbook. Michael Langford. Edbury Press

1982 The Encyclopedia of Photography. Michael Langford. Edbury Press

1982 Camera magazine

1982 The Photo magazine

1982 Camera magazine

1982 European Photographers FL’s medlemsavis, magazine, Denmark

1983 British Journal of Photography Annual

1983 Practical Photography magazine

1984 Darkroom magazine USA

1984 Signatures Catalogue, Cambridge Darkroom

1984 The Future, Sharmans calendar

1984 Camera magazine

1985 Creative Photography magazine

1986 Darkroom magazine USA

1987 – 1995, 19 Art Prints and Posters published (with cards and post cards) 

1988 The Mind Gymnasium, Ghia Books

1989 The Complete Photographer, Gus Whylie, Octapus

1991 Front magazine, Japan

1991 Tokyo, Alpha Pollis. Japan

1994 Elton John Bernie Taupin, The Complete Lyrics, Pavilion

1997 R D Laing Creative Destroyer, Bob Mullan, Cassell

1999 Understanding Dreams, New Holland Press

2001 Photo Art International magazine

2007 “How Things Are” book of 57 of Hags photographs

2009 Ag Magazine book review ‘How Things are’

2013 International Journal of Colour Photography

2018 Mojo magazine issue 293. R D Laing

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