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NUDE FOR MAN RAY.tifNude for Man Ray  (1979) Run Through the Light  (1980) 4-12a Through the LightThrough the Light  (1980)MYSTERIOUS EVE.tifMysterious Eve (1979) THE CRAB.tifCancer the Crab  (1980) Cancer Master Flat moon WebCancer the Crab Hand Tinted  (1980) AQUARIUS.tifAquarius the Water Bearer (1980)36-14 Aquar.Tint Photo A ScanCC BridgeAquarius the Water Bearer Hand Tinted  (1980)ROOM WITH A VIEW.tifRoom with a Private View (1974 re printed 1979)

                                                               Seed 3  (1995)
                                                            Seed 1  (1995)

                                                                                                                          Seed 2  (1995)UNTITLED-09.tifMother  (1980)LETS HEAR IT FOR.tifLets Hear it for Knowledge  (1987)A PEAR.tifA Pear  (1996) FRUIT OF OUR LOINS.tifFruit of Our Loins  (1991)

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Combination print created by Hag by Combination printing.  Surreal photography.


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