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“The Miller Brothers and me” by Hag

The three part story of Hags relationship with Phil Miller & Steve Miller the renown guitarist and pianist respectively.                                 All three parts are here on ‘Phil Millers The Legacy’ site.                             It contains five tracks from the                                                                         STEVE MILLER TRIBUTE GIG 12th May 2001′

 Part 2 is below that including……  

Steve Millers solo piano CD ‘See Here’

Part 3 is below that including all……  

K.Ostra’s ‘….its out there’ CD tracks

Music by Hag  Video of Hags Images in 8.07 mins
Hag is the one that mumbles a bit and then recites a renowned poem

The video ends with  an edited version of ‘Indigo’. 

Three new pieces

Silent Angi

Acoustic guitar medley of Joe Zawinal’s ‘In a silent way’ from the same titled Miles Davies album and Davey Graham’s renowned Angi which all folk finger picking  guitarists in the early 60’s were required to play from Bert Jansch & John Renborn to Paul Simon.


Eric Satie Gymnopedie no 1 

Hag guitars and Peter Lemer upright electric bass. His first appearance on this instrument.


Vaccination. It is in a odd time as we all are.                                 What I mostly (obsessively) occupied myself with during lock down.

Hag guitars & piano, Oli Dean bass, Paul Robinson drum loops.

Dave’s Lament   In celebration of Dave the Dog  R I P

Hag  /guitar, Peter Lemer /piano & keyboard bass, Nick Biggins /bass, Paul Robinson /drums & percussion, Dawn Chorus/birds.
Please keep listening to the birds for a surprising wonderful musical adventure provided by Paul Robinson.
As ever many thanks to all the musicians for their wonderful contributions.
Not least to Dave for the joy he gave.

Paul Robinson will supply Percussion & Drumming from his web site.

‘The original and still the best Drummer Online’

Peter Lemer (piano) Link

Link to Hags Peter Lemer portrait ‘Local Colour’

Hey Julia Remastered 2021

Solo Spanish Guitar Improvisation

In Your Head 

Nick Biggins /Bass, Electric Rhythm Guitar, 2x Synths,
Hag /Vocal, Lead Guitars, Acoustic Rhythm Guitar, Piano
Peter Lemer /2x Synths
Paul Robinson /Drums

Paul Robinson will supply Percussion & Drumming from his web site.

‘The original and still the best Drummer Online’

Peter Lemer (piano) Link

Steve Miller Tribute Gig        12 May 2001

Brahms Lullaby

Phil Miller /guitar, Lol Coxhill /sax, Mark Hewins /guitar, Hag /guitar, Pete Lemer /piano, Dave Hammond /percussion & vibraphone, Steve Ash /Bass, Paul Dufour /drums, Arranged by Hag.
Recorded by Steve Lane using a ‘Soundfield’ microphone. This records the space in the room from one point in four tracks;  Up, down, left and right. Steve then mixed these four tracks live to stereo.

Peter Lemer (piano)  Link

Messages to Frida Kahlo Live

Hag had the honour of this band playing one of his own compositions
Including a stunning solo from the late great Phil Miller from 4.40.

Don’t Let Me Down
Recorded live at Anglia Ruskin University 05/04/11

Amybeth Hargreaves /vocals, Hag  /guitar & vocals, Steve Cooke /bass, Paul Dufour /drums. Recorded & mixed by John Ward.

Steve Miller’s  K.Ostra       “……..its out thereK Front&BK.Ostra was a Free Jazz Sextet formed by Steve Miller /keys and Hag /guitar with Paul Dufour /drums,  Phillipe Janoyer /percussion,  Steve Ash & Nick Biggins /Bass.
Recorded and mixed live by Steve Lane 11th October 1998 at St Johns Ark, Old Harlow, Essex.
Some more information here…….. (Discogs web site)

Video interview with Steve Miller and Eddie Prevost  with music including   Hag and Steve Ash
(From Steve Miller’s brother Phil Miller’s Legacy Site)

‘Music for Metaphysical Lovers’         

Hag solo flat+cc2A collection of instrumental tracks recorded from the late 80’s to the late 90’s. (Available on application) With guests Peter Lemer, Steve Miller & Nick Biggins. Mastered by Phillipe Janoyer and Paul Dufour

Messages to Frida Kahlo   Studio version


Link to Hag’s Sound Cloud page for more music he has created & been involved with over the years

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