‘Mono’ Original Prints

Editioned ‘Mono’ Original Prints

Prices from £1000 depending upon how many  of that image are still available. 

Please email which photograph you require and we will supply specific details for that image.

(For Hags Open Editioned Digital Prints click here  Prices start from £47.99 plus P&P for a 12x16ins Photographic Print made from a digital file.)

An edition of ‘Mono’ prints means that every print in the edition is slightly different. This is a term used in traditional printmaking to distinguish between an edition of identical prints.

If you have read the process of ‘Combination Printing’, by which theses images are made, you will understand that the creation of each print is an individual performance.  Depending upon how many elements (negatives) are used it can take up to 45 mins to make one  photographic print.

Thus each print is unique, though similar to the rest of its edition.
There is no master negative. The print is the original. This is why the editions are small.

Hag comments….
‘When I have settled on the composition of a picture I would then set about making the perfect print. This meant playing with the tones of each element in relation to the overall feel of the image. When I was satisfied that I had achieved this (or I couldn’t stand to print it anymore)  I would  look at the prints and decide which ones were good enough and number those in the order I liked them. This then became an edition. It is interesting to note that my preferred versions at the time of making the image is not necessarily my favourite now’.

The original prints are all fibre base graded (i.e. not variable contrast papers).
Papers used are Ilford Ilfabrom, IlfordGallery or Agfa Record-Rapid Silver Bromide, Chloro/Bromide Papers.
They are archival processed.
Some are toned, some hand tinted some both.
The editions vary from 3 to around 20 prints. 
Most of the images are 20″ x 16″ but a few are 16″ x 12″ and two are 30”x 16”
Each print is signed and numbered.

For Jimi Hendrix Print Sales click here  Prices start from £34.99 plus P&P for a 12x16ins Photographic Print made from a digital file.


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