Homage to Jerry Uelsmann

Seperation 1974                                                                                                                 (3 negatives)                                                                                                                         This is the sixth combination print Hag made in his first darkroom which he constructed in 1973. The image is a direct reference to the Jerry Uelsmann photograph below.

 ‘Home is a Memory’ 1962.

On discovering the death of Jerry Uelsmann,  (June 11th 1934 – 4th April 2022 age 87) Hag wrote.

  “His process of ‘Post Visualization’  was a major inspiration from 1970.  I was first shown his photographs in a History of Photography lecture in my 3rd year by the Head of School Margaret Harker at ‘Regent Street Polytechnic’ London UK now the University of Westminster. His images sent shivers down my spine and made my hairs stand on end”

Quoted from Jerry Uelsmann’s Wikipedia page on the lecture he gave at the Royal Photographic Society London in 1971 which Hag attended.

‘Uelsmann was inducted (1970) as a fellow by the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain (London) and invited to deliver the fourth Bertram Cox Memorial Lecture in early 1971. His paper was entitled, “Some Humanistic Considerations of Photography”, most of which is archived online. Using specific examples, he explained his process of post-visualization (trying different combinations of negatives). Prior to his sessions in the darkroom, he would study hundreds of negatives using contact sheets (proof sheets). The final print could take hours or days to resolve, but the journey was always magical according to Uelsmann.  Trial and error were essential steps.’


Jerry Ulessmans Web Site

This moved Hag to add this early work to the site with a thank you for his inspiration..

In 1980 Hag developed his  picture for the record sleeve of Jan Dukes de Grey here.



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