At the Same Time

(2 negatives)

‘Isn’t the more interesting idea that this world is for us, (all living beings) to play our creative games in, thereby producing this thing which we call reality?
Think about how we make our societies, culture, politics, beliefs and morality. Nobody finds it hard to understand that this is how we define ourselves, personally, nationally or globally. Perhaps physical reality is simply another aspect of our awareness …?’  (from Hags book ‘How Things Are’)

Self Portrait 1976.  Hag with Jack & Winifred his parents in their  garden in Leeds Yorkshire UK. 

The Hydrangea/Wall on the corner of the garage in the middle left of the above picture is the one used in ‘At the Same Time’ taken some years after this portrait. 

This element is flipped (reversed)  in ‘At the Same Time’. This is due to it being the only combination print Hag created by  exposing directly onto ‘Negative Duplicating Film’ creating a 10×8 negative. This retained the highest quality so as to print a larger edition by contact printing from that negative.

Combination print created by Hag by Combination printing.  Surreal photography.

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