Hags Images in 8.07 mins with music by Hag             ‘How Things Are’
This video ‘How things Are’ has been ‘age-restricted’ on YouTube due to it containing some nudity, as does this web site.                     Some images children could find disturbing.                                                                                   To view on You Tube (and log in) below                                                                         You Tube ‘How Things Are’ 

TV Interviews of Hag
Hag answers the same questions over 19 years slowly changing his replies.

1979 Yorkshire Television 
Interviewed by Richard Whitely for Calendar YTV’s  early evening news programme

1993  Wire TV 
Interviewed ‘Live’ in The Galleries Shopping Centre Bristol for Wire TV’s  ‘Afternoon Live’ show  presented by Kathryn Apanowicz.

1994 Wire TV
Programme made in Hags Studio and Darkroom for the cable network station. Music by Hag

1998 BBC ‘The Frame’
(Warning the BBC’s title music is LOUD) Interview made in Hags Studio and Darkroom for the BBC explaining his approach.  Music by Hag

1994 Video interview with Steve Miller and Eddie Prevost Including music with Hag and Steve Ash

This page is dedicated to the memory of Patrick Dean

April 1980 Roundly Park Leeds UK

24/09/1996 Patrick Dean

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