A Head



(4 negatives)
for Sunday Telegraph Magazine

“We could consider pure consciousness as ‘white’, a field of all possibilities. It is when it is coloured by the senses and by our memory and imagination that consciousness takes on the shapes, smells, sounds and sensations of the world we experience. We know this ‘Inner Light’ as Self. This is not part of the world of experience. It is a hole in the fabric of space and time, a pore through which the light of the world influences the world of the mind. And it is a pore through which the light of consciousness flows into the world.”
Extract from the book Waking Up in Time
by P Russell.” ( from Hags book ‘How Things Are’)

The model for the head shot above was the wonderful pianist Steve Miller. Hags dear friend and musical partner for many years  particularly in K.Ostra.This portrait was used in 2002  for Steve Miller’s solo piano CD ‘See Hear’. Hag took no interest at the time of shooting in the lighting or expression on Steves face as he was only interested in the hood and shoulders to make the  ‘A Head’ commission at the top of this page. Steve’s eye survived in this version. Be at peace.  Photographed on 08/03/1988

Link to a video interview with Steve Miller and Eddie Prevost, including some music with Hag and Steve Ash, on Steve Miller’s brother Phil Miller’s Legacy Site. 

Link to Hags music page where you will find Steve Miller’s K.Ostra CD  ‘…….. its out there’ and more

Combination print created by Hag by Combination printing.  Surreal photography.

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