Another Brick in the Wall – Nick Griffiths

13 March 1988 (Polaroid negative)
13 March 1988 (colourised May 2020)

‘Griffiths was an inspirational record producer who was responsible for recording the Islington school kids for one of the iconic moments of rock music, the children’s chorus from the Pink Floyd’s hit single, Another Brick In The Wall Part II. Roger Waters on receiving the tape in Los Angeles, commented “…hearing all those kids singing for the first time; I knew immediately this was the mother-lode. It felt like pure gold.” Nick later went on to produce and record Roger Waters’ “The Wall live In Berlin” TV concert, marking the reunification of Germany.’  (quoted from

Here is an account from ‘The Independent’ newspaper of how that came to be, Nicks part in it and the effects it has had called ‘The dark side of the Wall’.

 Sadly Nick passed away in March 2005

Here is an  obituary outlining some of his achievements 

This photograph is not found in Hags book ‘How Things Are’




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