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UNTITLED-03.tifSacred Penman (1992)Dairy BoxDairy Box (1975)The Tree in Islington (1978)The Tree in Islington hand tinted (1991)The Tree in Islington Deceased (2019)DOMESTIC SEASCAPE.tifDramatic Seascape (1976 re-printed 1979)

Storm in a Teacup  (1987)Storm in a Teacup (digitally coloured 1989)STUPIDITY OF MAN.tifStupidity of Man (1986)Stupidity of Man (1986 Digitally Colourised 1989)WINTER BREAK.tifSpilling Time  (1991)

                                                     Is this the Time (1991)

AGAINST ALL ODDSAgainst All Odds (1991)UNTITLES-02.tifThe Fall  (1988)UNTITLED-09.tif Mother (1988)ARID RAIN.tif Acid Rain (1988)New Age (1987) Re-Mastered 2020The Future’s a Bit Fishy, We’ve Got a Hand in It (1983)The Future’s a Bit Fishy, We’ve Got a Hand in It (1983)TintedNO TIME ONLY CHANGE.tif No Time Only Change (1984)No Time TintedNo Time Only Change (hand tinted
4-12a Through the Light Through the Light (1980) UNTITLED-19.tifDoes it Really Happen 1 (1980)DOES IT REALLY.tifDoes it Really Happen 2  (1980)

Storm Force  (1993)Lets Hear it for Knowledge-2  (1987-2019)OPEN MIND.tifOpen Mind  (1982)Open Mind tintOpen Mind (Aquarian Dawn)

Sand Castle Master Flat Pho Fil Dirty Old Man of Europe (1988) Rock and Roll (1989) Rock and Roll (1989 digitally colourised)GENESIS.tif Genesis  (1988) Genesis (digitally colourised 1989) THE CAREFUL GARDENER The Careful Gardener (1981)LIBERTY LOST.tif Liberty Lost  (1987) Pagoda- good will Win  (1979) Pagoda- good will Win (No Pagoda) Malice In Sunderland (1979)

At the same time (1981)  I Feel a Bit Normal Today (1987)

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