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(contains adult themes)

Here is a poem about Photography


We make universal scratches in the sand

With the common language off sight

Looking, observing, seeing, exposing, recording

An act of reaching out to touch eternity

We freeze our emotions in moments

An expression of the scream, the howl

The song of our existence.

We see eternity

every time we walk out into the dark

Disappearing into a clear night sky

We see eternity

in the shadow we cast on a bright full summers day.

Morning noon and night

We see eternity

in a drop of water

Running down a wet windscreen

We can record our shuddering thoughts

standing, lying, sleeping, drenched

Yes drenched in eternities breath

These small scratches are just saying

‘Hello, I’m here’

‘Are you here?’

Do you see and feel the same as me?

From a snap of your favourite meal, shoe, child, sunset

To the wildest expression of your deepest fantasy

It is not about the picture but the person

Both the one that makes

and the one that observes.

Joining ourselves with the oneness of creation

Thus so to eternity

Yes it’s just about people…..

Us, we, all

Hey, there is no them

There is only us

Who knows…..

Who knows what my photographs are about?

I do know sometimes what they are about for me.

Sometimes I discover later……

Which is ‘Why’?

Why is our human planet in such a mess


Why is there so much hunger, hate, separation

Argument, disagreement ,unfairness


Remember ‘though shalt not’

The ‘turning of the cheek’

The ‘eye of the needle’

The ‘Meeks inheritance’.

I don’t need to finish any of these

for you know what they mean.

Why don’t the religions practice what they preach?

Why is humanity so stupid.

( Please note; This poem was derived from the introduction Hag gave to Cambridge Camera Club in March 2018 to the Video of his work followed by a talk about his work) 



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