Invert-ables (1) Is this the Time?

Is This The Time1991

(10 negatives)
Original version for R.K.H. Ltd advertising agency. This version created later restoring the clock face that had been a TV screen and adding the inverted scrap cars thus becoming ‘Invert-able number I’. This led me into making the rest of this series displayed below.

‘The clock ticks with our evolutionary progress as a species. Our clocks – we made them – we defined this time. The Planet has another sort of time. Will we reach enlightenment before we destroy the systems that we rely upon to survive? War, famine, pollution, are they not expressions of paranoia, greed and our egocentric ideas of consumption in order to create happiness. Movement is a property of time – how much movement do we have left?’  (from Hags book ‘How Things Are’)

The ‘Invert-ables’ are an unfinished  series of pictures . Some of them can be viewed either way around so I have added them all either way around. If you get board with it one way on your wall you can always turn it around. You can do that with anything. Its wonderful how our brain then re-makes sense of the picture.

An astute viewer will note that there is one element in each Invert-able which moves forward to the next image. This was done purposely to enable an animation to be made where one entered the first photograph and then proceeded on a magical journey moving  through the sequence without knowing you were preceding through a series of photographic prints.  A video was made of this journey with limited success due to my poor, neigh bad, rostrum camera abilities. However in this digital age it can now be made with perfection. Any offers gratefully received.

Combination print created by Hag by Combination printing.  Surreal photography.

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