Storm in a Teacup (Digitally Coloured)

Storm in a Teacup tint1987  (Digitally Coloured 1989) Later published as a Poster
(6 negatives)

Hag digitally colourised four of his pictures; Genesis, Stupidity of Man, Storm in a Teacup and Rock & Roll. for the first digital imaging exhibition ‘Machine Dreams’ at The Photographers Gallery London UK in 1989.

He used a ‘Sci Tex High End Digital Image Manipulation System’ at Studio 10 London to create these 4 colourised, as it is now called by Photoshop, tinted images. 
The Sci Text system with computer and associated hardware, drum scanners, half inch tape readers/recorders, monitors & output onto large format colour transparency film up to 16 x 12 inches with a digital laser printer cost around £1 million in the early 1980’s, about £3.5 million in 2024.

Of course this pales to insignificance compared to what today’s systems are capable of at a small fraction of the cost. We can have it in our pocket.  Here we stand at the dawn of AI imaging making most of this stuff redundant including knowledge, understanding and truth.

 It appears that reality is  becoming starkly individual.

Are we approaching a time where we no longer have a common shared reality?  This has always been true in the sense that we all have differing lives in differing circumstances which we interpret through our individual filters and necessities. Now it seems the fundamentals of that reality is blatantly being distorted.

The camera does not lie has never been true.

 From Hags book ‘How Things Are’

  ‘Sensibilities are in the air. Let us breathe the air of wholeness and let differences be. Being aware is being aware of what is important in your life and what is just a storm in a teacup’.

This tinted version is not found in the book ‘How Things Are’


Combination print created by Hag by Combination printing.  Surreal photography.

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