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  1. My house is not a home until I’ve got one of these prints on the wall. Hag does exactly what he was born to do; he is an artist in the purest sense, and his creations are truly wonderful. Thank you, Hag.

  2. I recently purchased both ‘The Tree in Islington’ (1978) and ‘The Tree in Islington (deceased)’ (2019) to add to my ‘Hag’ collection. I am blown away by both . The more I look at these breathtaking pictures, the more I see, and the more I want to explore.
    In the first picture, I see the tree and it’s beauty and strength that dominate the scene, living in symphony with the bustle and diversity of the city in it’s shadow.
    In the second more recent work, this beautiful tree stands proud in death, still dominant, but in the more peaceful surroundings of meadowland.
    I know my interpretation will change as I look again and again. Through discussion with friends who are also entranced by these works of art in my home, and who share their own interpretation of what they see, I love that there will always be something new to find. Thank you Hag.

  3. We purchased “Against All Odds” which had such meaning for us. And we are so delighted with it. After some initial queries with the purchase and after we contacted Hag it was all sorted out very swiftly and satisfactorily , and our concerns were sorted.
    Hag your work is amazing,long may you keep doing what you do, spreading joy and happiness !
    Thank you.

  4. We have a number of Hag prints and love them all dearly. Liberty Lost has been for me a piece that has resonated through the years being beautifully metaphoric. Should you buy a Hag you’ll truly love it forever.

  5. Recently bought The Tree in Islington after having the postcard on my bedroom wall over 30 years ago and it’s amazing . Thanks for all your help .

  6. I don’t know why , but , your name came in my head a few days ago . I met you a long time ago in a pub somewhere near Rochdale . I was going out with Val , Bob Mason’s sister . Seeing your portrait of him brought back some good memories , he was a goodun . Thanks Dave

  7. Thanks for the 2 prints Hag, one of The Tree in Islington and the other Liberty Lost. They are absolutely brilliant! I appreciate the messages on them too, and the care you clearly went to to get them to me in perfect condition. Cheers!

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