Is this the Time 1991                                                                                                                         The above version created later from the ‘The Big Time’ advertisement below restoring the clock face and adding the inverted scrap cars and more. This became the first ‘Invert-able which led Hag into making the rest of the Invertable series.                            

Original version for R.K.H. Ltd advertising agency.

Three photographs were commissioned on the theme of time to Advertise TSMS (Television Sales & Marketing Services UK) who sold commercial time on television. It was a national campaign with full page adverts in national papers as well as trade magazines and of course a TV commercial.

The retouching on this proof especially on the butchers face was heavy to compensate for the poor quality and course screen reproduction found in the national press in 1990. This was standard practice.

Combination print created by Hag by Combination printing.  Surreal photography.

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