The Tree in Islington

(12 negatives)
Mural for Pink Floyds Recording Studio commissioned by Nick Griffiths

Printing Note
256 hrs and 56 prints to  reach this point including photography

‘Beauty emerges from the soil of the toils within which we exist, teeming with life, vibrant with the creative force. The energy and joy of creation is all around us.’ ( from the book ‘How Things Are’)

Mural Notes

When Hag  made this picture for Pink Floyd’s Britannia Road recording studio in Islington  North London.  (The studio is just out of frame in the picture to the right of the tree trunk).
It was intended to be where hats and coats were hung.  Hooks were going to be added within the tree. This did not happen as nobody could bring themselves to drill holes in the 6’ x 9’ Mural.

Hag added 7 things that people could discover whilst hanging their coats.
This is a list of the things in increasing order of difficulty……..
1. Cupboard
2. Coats
3. Umbrella
4. Hags Eye
5. Daisy Dog
6. Beetle
7. Beatles (Only on this web image, not in the original)
8. Tree Nymph

If you click on the photograph above it will reveal a larger image  where all these things can be found.

(Link to tinted Version)

Combination print created by Hag by Combination printing.  Surreal photography.

Individual Images Listed Below Mostly Photographic Surreal Combination Prints