Pagoda – Good Will Win

(10 negatives)
Originally made for a cover for  Louis Clarke an arranger for the Electric Light Orchestra.Louis Clarke (per-spek-tive) JETLP218

My re- worked version as shown was later used as an Athena International poster entitled ‘Hallucination 2’

‘How Things Are’ book commentary

Western civilisation’s chauvinism and greed – its self–importance and dogmatic belief that its religion, democracy and technology can be exported and forced upon the whole planet – ignores or worse still, destroys the richness and depth of knowledge embodied in other philosophies and cultures from which the West has much to learn. Our arrogance will backfire.
We live on one planet and our species will only survive by adopting attitudes of tolerance and respect for our different ways of being on personal, cultural and spiritual levels. Living needs to be in harmony with the natural world. I believe that good will win, for good accepts that there is no competition, but enough for all.

Combination print created by Hag by Combination printing.  Surreal photography.

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