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UNTITLED-03.tifSacred Penman (1992)Dairy BoxDairy Box (1975)TREE IN ISLINGTON.tifThe Tree in Islington (1978)
 Tree in IslingtonThe Tree in Islington (hand tinted)
 DOMESTIC SEASCAPE.tifDramatic Seascape (1976 re-printed 1979)ELECTION 87.tifStorm in a Teacup  (1987)Storm in a Teacup tintStorm in a Teacup (digitally coloured 1989)STUPIDITY OF MAN.tifStupidity of Man (1986)WINTER BREAK.tifSpilling Time  (1991)AGAINST ALL ODDSAgainst All OddsUNTITLES-02.tifThe Fall  (1988)UNTITLED-09.tif Mother (1988)ARID RAIN.tif Acid Rain (1988)
 NEW AGE.tifNew Age (1987)NO TIME ONLY CHANGE.tif No Time Only Change (1984)No Time TintedNo Time Only Change (hand tinted)THE FUTURES A.tifThe Future’s a Bit Fishy, We’ve Got a Hand in It (1983)The Future's RT signatureThe Future’s a Bit Fishy We’ve Got a Hand in It (hand tinted)4-12a Through the Light Through the Light (1980)
 UNTITLED-19.tifDoes it Really Happen 1 (1980)DOES IT REALLY.tifDoes it Really Happen 2  (1980)UNTITLED-07.tifStorm Force  (1993)LETS HEAR IT FOR.tifLets Hear it for Knowledge  (1987)OPEN MIND.tifOpen Mind  (1982)Open Mind tintOpen Mind (Hand Tinted)
Sand Castle Master Flat Pho FilDirty Old Man of Europe  (1988)Rock & Roll Selenium 20x16 @ 300Rock and Roll  (1989)GENESIS.tifGenesis  (1988)Genesis (digitally colourised 1989)
 THE CAREFUL GARDENERThe Careful Gardener (1981)LIBERTY LOST.tifLiberty Lost  (1987)GOOD WILL WINS.tifPagoda- good will Win  (1979)
 GOOD WILL WINS.tifPagoda- good will Win (No Pagoda) MALICE IN SUNDERLAN.tifMalice In Sunderland (1979) AT THE SAME TIME.tifAt the Same Time (1981)UNTITLED-15.tifI Feel a Bit Normal Today (1987)

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