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Created without the use of a computer  in the darkroom by COMBINATION PRINTING


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These images are made  from high resolution drum scans of Original Prints.

Most of these images can be found in the  book  ‘How Things Are’   (see book sales)

The files on this site are unusually large.  I want you to be able to roam around them as I have many times through a magnifying glass whilst re-touching and spotting the original 20×16 inch prints and on a screen when I cleaned up the high resolution drum scans of the original prints.I hope you will find amusing and interesting corners and juxtapositions.

They are not the whole file (of course) and are only large enough to make 5×3.5 ins print @ 300 ppi.  You can indeed resize them but the larger you go the lower the quality and the blurrier it will become. I am happy for folks to do this for their own enjoyment. Have it on your wall, give me a credit but not of course for comercial or promotional use in any  way or medium as stated in large bold letters below.



Individual Images Listed Below Mostly Photographic Surreal Combination Prints